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Tools Everyone in the Anti Counterfeit Industry Should Be Using

Anti Counterfeit Solution

Anti Counterfeit Solution


The Indian fake market is developing at the rate of 44% for every annum according to reports. In India, roughly 3 billion bits of fake and pilfered items were seized in 2013. Of these, 2.3 billion pieces were illegal pharmaceutical items, 470 million pieces were electronic machines and 50 million pieces were foodstuff. There is yearly loss of US $ 2 billion as a result of forged auto parts alone.

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Falsifying is a worldwide issue and is developing at a disturbing rate and India is an expansive market for such exercises. India's blasting internet business condition has included further complexities. Duplicating not just influences the deals and income of the business yet in addition imprints the notoriety of brands and results in overwhelming income misfortunes due to unaccounted deals and a colossal test to the 'Make in India' program. Click here for anti counterfeit technology.

Key Benefits

Become more acquainted with the worldwide patterns in hostile to forging

Be in the know regarding the revisions in the lawful arrangements

Examine the systems to shield your image from infringers

Pick up understanding into the propelled advancements accessible in the market for against duplicating

Meet and interface with stalwarts from crosswise over enterprises

Review of the counterfeiting and brand insurance issues in India

Anti Counterfeit App

Part of traditions to avert counterfeited merchandise to clear a path crosswise over outskirts

Battle counterfeiting with the assistance of cutting edge advances Anti Counterfeit

Creating procedures to secure your image and measures to be taken for usage

Recognizing hazard inclined zones through hazard profiling

Most recent worldwide patterns in anti-counterfeiting

Fakes in the store network: A major test looked by firms

Key viewpoints and strategies of recording and compelling legitimate suit to counter infringers Conducting effective anti-counterfeiting attacks

IP in mark assurance and significance of patent enlistment

Lawful arrangements and their requirement in India

Late administrative improvements; government desires from IP holders

Part of bundling and techniques to create anti-counterfeit bundling

Purchaser mindfulness: How to help customers from falling prey to counterfeiters and their items

Industry concentrated contextual analyses on pharma, vehicle, FMCG, hardware (PCs and cell phones) and internet counterfeiting

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